Your website should tell a story

about you and your business, showing the public how they can be a part of it.

Your website defines you, telling the community who you are and how you can benefit them.

A good website is a secure stronghold by which the social networks can then unleash their praise, reviews and sharing.  Your small business website puts you in a strong position to forge prosperous relationships with the rest of the business community and their own networks of faithful consumers.

The right website will keep you ahead of competitors, decrease your expenses, maximize profit and better manage time and resources.

Your website must educate the public on why YOU are the right choice for their business.


Facts You Should Know


Google search results show the public that you do not have a website.

Customers ALWAYS notice if your business card has a web address.

Consumers today are critical, comparing your internet presence against that of your competitors before deciding to do business

Sustainable business growth requires that consumers be impressed with your website.

A bad website is just as damaging as having no website at all.

Without a website the public is blinded from finding you.

Open their eyes with Ophis

Let Our Ophis Team Help You


Ophis Designs is a local Magnolia company promoting America first, Texas-based and wholly dedicated to the Central East Texas small business community.

Ophis recognizes that the human mind responds to visual stimulation.  People rarely remember what you say but they ALWAYS remember how you made them FEEL.  Artistic websites induce customers to react emotionally, to respond more powerfully to your message.

No two businesses are alike, everyone's needs and situation are different. The stylishly informative site draws new customers and opportunities from unexpected sources.


Let Ophis Build Your Site

Reinvent Your Business Image

If your business suffers from the Law of Diminishing Returns...break pattern with a new Ophis Designs website.

Open their eyes with Ophis

Ophis Designs


Avoid public indecision...convince them with a carefully built Ophis Designs website.

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Attract More Customers

Whether you need a personal or business website, or are a company that wants some better graphics and ads for their existing site and social network pages, Ophis Designs is fast, professional and very inexpensive.